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NASA Satellite Servicing Office Becomes a Projects Division

12.19.2016 — Since 2009, the Satellite Servicing Capabilities Office (SSCO) has been building upon the heritage of satellite servicing and repair that began with Hubble. Recently, SSCO became the Satellite Servicing Projects Division.

IRELL attached to ISS's Japanese Experiment Module slide table for testing in late fall 2016

10.05.2016 — On September 27, Astronaut Kate Rubins attached the International Space Station (ISS) Robotic External Leak Locator (IRELL) to the slide table for the ISS's Japanese Experiment Module (JEM). In late fall 2016, the JEM slide table will be extended into space and the IRELL will be picked up by the Dextre robot. Robot operators at Johnson Space Center will then remotely control Dextre and put IRELL through initial testing

Restore-L Mission to Refuel Landsat 7, Demonstrate Crosscutting Technologies

06.23.2016 — Disruptive technologies have often changed the course of history, breaking the status quo and unlocking possibilities that have yet to be imagined. Building on a history of upgrading and maintaining assets in space, NASA is developing a new capability while creating a paradigm-shift: robotic satellite servicing. In May, NASA officially moved forward with plans to execute the ambitious, technology-rich Restore-L mission, an endeavor to launch a robotic spacecraft in 2020 to refuel a live satellite.

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New Tool Provides Successful Visual Inspection of Space Station Robot Arm

02.09.2016 — Gas station attendant, electronics installer, home inspector: is there any fix-it job that NASA's Robotic Refueling Mission (RRM) can't tackle during its four-year career? As NASA takes a break in RRM operations, it's looking back on past achievements and celebrating one of its latest accomplishments - the successful inspection of Canadarm2, the International Space Station's (ISS) robotic arm. In time, this visual inspection capability may help future servicing ventures at other orbits inspect for damage and failures on their spacecraft.

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Sen. Barbara Mikulski Officially Opens New Robotic Operations Center

01.06.2016 — Sen. Barbara Mikulski participated in a ribbon cutting to officially open the new Robotic Operations Center (ROC) developed by the Satellite Servicing Projects Division. Within the ROC's black walls, NASA is testing technologies and operational procedures for science and exploration missions, including the Restore-L satellite servicing mission and also the Asteroid Redirect Mission. During her tour, Sen. Mikulski saw first-hand an early version of the NASA's Servicing Arm, a 2-meter-class robot with the dexterity to grasp and refuel a satellite on orbit. [Gallery] [ Video]

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